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Web Development - bespoke, data driven systems...

  • Custom built web applications to suit your needs.
  • PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JQuery, SOAP

Web Design - accessible, standards compliant, search engine friendly designs...

  • Accessibility:
    Accessibility covers two key areas.

    Browser and platform independent websites, work in any web browser, on any OS.

    Websites are also geared towards ease of use, so that the content is clear and can be seen by all. This achieved by Section 508 and WAI validation.
  • Standards compliant:
    Websites conform to web standards set out by the W3C.
  • Search engine friendly code:
    Websites are coded in a way that is easily readable by text-based browsers. This makes it easier for search engine spiders to crawl the site.

SEO - search engine optimization, to help move your site higher up the search engine rankings

  • Search Engine Optimization
    Get your site higher up the search engine rankings.